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Working together to create lasting changes

“One of the major problems that Sierra Leone education faces is the lack of adequate infrastructure. Many schools in the country do not have basic facilities such as classrooms, libraries, and laboratories. “


Article dans “the problems of Sierra Leone education and its solutions” author Abubbakar Sidique Konneh, 2023

At Education For All, we believe that community infrastructure is a key factor in achieving sustainable development. Our focus is on rural development and empowering communities. We believe that providing access to basics amenities such as primary health care facilities and creating an environment that is conductive to learning and growth are crucial in eradicating poverty and promoting community development.

Explore our recent projects below and see the impact we are making on children's lives.

In the village of Masintigie

Masatingie New Hall

Building a

multi-purpose hall

Masatingie new library

New library &

additional classrooms

Masatingie new solar panels
Installation of
solar panels
new washing  station Masatingie
new well in masantigie

Installation of a solar pump and

washing-hands stations
4th school buildings in Masantigie
Opening  of 4 additional classrooms
In the village of Malimba
new latrines Malimba
Construction of

New primary school Malimba
Inauguration of

primary school
New well Malimba

Constuction of a well
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