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Education = Gender Equality + Quality
Helping to reduce poverty and inequalities

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Masatingie students


“Girls drop out of school at a higher rate which can be largely attributed to the intersection of poverty
and gender norms, involving issues such as transactional sex, early marriage, and the burden of

having to perform a disproportionate share of household chores.”

-Article dans “Out of school children Sierra Leone”, written by Government of Sierra Leone, Irish aid, UNICEF, 2021.

Julius Maada Bio, the current President of Sierra Leone, made Education a priority as Sierra Leone’s literacy rate is lower than the average in West- Africa and is among the lowest in the world. His government launched free education for Primary and Secondary children. This initiative brings increased access to the government assisted schools. However, its economy remains fragile and corruption is widespread.

We believe that every child deserves access to quality education, regardless of their background or circumstances. Our projects are designed to bridge the gaps and provide the necessary facilities for children to thrive.  We reach isolated communities in rural Sierra Leone and encourage parents to send their children to school, particularly girls who are often marginalized. Prior to our project, there was no access to primary education in the area around the villages of Masantigie and Malimba. Parents could not afford to pay for their children's tuition. The average family income in these villages is  less than one dollar per day which is already not enough to feed a big family.
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Quality  education

"The lack of quality education is the greatest threat to my generation, if we do not act now it will only get worse."

Mohamed Sidibay,

Youth advocate, Sierra Leone

“Education For All” aims are:


To attain high quality of education in both schools by assisting and guiding teachers and providing the school with an adequate curriculum and supporting learning materials.


To stress the importance of a basic education for girls, and encourage parents to keep their daughters in school until they finish elementary school.


To supply furniture, uniforms, textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils to the 700 children attending both schools.


To sponsor the best students and grant a yearly scholarship to the students whose parents cannot afford to pay their children’s Secondary Education fees.

Learn more about our recent projects and how you can join us in our mission to provide education for all.

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