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Education For All

Get Involved and Make a Difference

At Education For All, we believe that education is a powerful force for change and that it can make a difference in the lives of our students. Whatever your interests and talents, there's a way for you to contribute and help us achieve our mission of making education accessible to everyone. We are grateful for your support and invite you to join us in our mission to empower students and transform communities through education.

Why should you choose Education For All?

We are proud to say that 97% of donations go directly to the villages and schools we support, with no administrative costs. We also believe in transparency and provide our financial situation to donors so they can see where their money is going and the impact of your gift firsthand. We rely on the generosity of passionate individuals who believe, like you, to help us support the schools and villages we work with. Your support and commitment to our vision means everything to us.

Students in class

Join us to make a positive impact

If you're interested, there are many ways to do so.


Donate for school supplies

Sponsor a student

Sponsor a teacher for a literacy  course

Support our 4 upcoming projects

Join one of our fundraising events

Donate for school supplies for an entire school year

kids in school

With CHF 40, you offer a student school supplies for an entire school year 

Graduation 2 Masatingie

Sponsor A Student In Sierra Leone

Scholarship students


Students benefit from our scholarship program. Former students from the Masantigie school now have the opportunity- thanks to you- to attend a Secondary School. 

Sponsoring a Secondary School student costs CHF 100 per year, which covers tuition, books and uniform. The students benefitting from the scholarships attend different Secondary Schools in the Masantigie area.

Secondary school lasts 6 years. As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to form a personal relationship with the student you sponsor by communicating with them at least twice a year. You will be informed of their academic successes and challenges. Your contribution will make a tremendous difference in their lives, providing them with an education which is key to a better life and future for them, their families and their country.

With CHF 100, you offer a student a scholarship  for an entire school year 

Sponsor a teacher for a literacy course

Currently, students attending both our schools are facing difficulties in reading and comprehending text. In order to increase their academic performances and overall development, we are looking at offering literacy training courses to our teachers.

Instead of bringing international trainers, we have decided to hire local teacher trainers - individuals who know the culture and the community well and understand the unique needs of the local students. This will allow for a more relatable and personalized learning experience


During our visit, we have found an organization in Sierra Leone with teacher trainers who are highly skilled and equipped with the latest teaching techniques and methods to provide an engaging and effective learning experience to the students.

We are working with this organization and looking forward to offer the first literacy training course.  

With CHF 150, you offer a literacy training course for one of our teachers.

Masatingie teachers

Upcoming projects

In the village of Malimba

Project 1:



Improve the conditions and quality of life in the village and neighboring villages by providing access to light

At the moment, when the night comes, the village is plunged into darkness

  • Install solar panels to light up the school and to give children the possibility of coming to school to do their homework when it is dark.

  • Teachers can prepare their lessons in the evening at school.

  • School meetings or meetings with the inhabitants of the community can take place in the evening.

  • Secure school buildings and illuminate the village road by installing street lights. It will be safer for children, teenagers and adults to move around the village at night.

Project 2:



Ensure employment and income for young people and people of the community through training and activities

Provide job opportunities by creating sanitary, transport, and cooperatives. The village is completely isolated from other villages or travel.  

  • Give women the opportunity to develop small businesses like shops or kiosks. At the present time, there are no shops in the village or surrounding villages.

  • Creating a community garden in the village to help reduce famine and to provide income the local population by selling their fruits and vegetables (crops) at the right price.

  • Create a vocational sewing training center (like in Masantigie) to provide employment for young women. At the end of the training, students will receive a sewing machine and a kit of sewing materials to set their own business. Women will be able to sell the clothes they produce. Training / maintenance of the sewing machines will be provided by tailors from the village of Masantigie.

In the village of Masantigie

Project 3:



Provide a planned curriculum that meets various demands of young people.

  • Have qualified teachers create modules that are applicable to current market demands. Students will be able to select modules depending on their interests and skills. They will also be able to use their abilities in real-world situations using the courses' integration of academic information with practical hands-on activities.

Project 4:



Empower young people in the community and make them more marketable in today’s employment market and trying to close the digital divide.

  • Create a Computer Training center accessible to all that will teach young people computer basics (internet navigation, word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software) and advanced skills (programming languages, web development, graphic design and data analysis).

Enter custom amount you would like  to donate to help with any of these upcoming projects


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