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Construction of an Assembly Hall - Masantigie (June 2020)

For the Primary School and for the people of the 4 communities of Masantigie, Matainke, Masorie and Pa Loko.

The Global Outreach Primary School is developing quickly and growing. 454 students are enrolled in the school. The parents of the school participate in all the organized activities and are actively involved in the school. Assemblies, graduation ceremonies, parent-teacher meetings …are difficult to organize because there is no shade and the classrooms are much too small. There is no place large enough to accommodate the parents of the school nor is there a place where communities can come together and organize activities. Village women will also benefit from this project because training (workshops) will take place in the Assembly Hall.

Thanks to this construction, the 4 communities (Masantigie, Matenke, Masouri and Pa Loko) as well as the children, parents and teachers will have a place to meet and will be sheltered from the sun because it is very hot in this area and during the rainy season it is impossible to meet and organize any meetings.

The construction began on October 29, 2019 and the hall will be ready at the start of the new school year.

The hall is financed by the international solidarity fund of the City of Geneva (DGVS) and by the NGO “Education Pour Tous / For All in Sierra Leone.

By building an Assembly Hall that will be used by the school as well, we encourage the people to manage their communities in a responsible way. This hall will allow a better management of the communities and will facilitate communication between the people of the four communities. Meetings in this hall will encourage a common approach between the four villages in the areas of agriculture and environmental protection, particularly deforestation.

Our school trains young people ready to make responsible decisions to manage their lives and those of the community.

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