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The impact of Covid- 19 on the school in Masantigie (May 2020)

The large number of measures and regulations including lockdowns declared by the government of Sierra Leone to curtail the spread of the virus has led to adverse effects on the life of the population. Most parents have lost their jobs. The people living in remote areas such as Masantigie and its environs have suffered the most as they could not afford to provide food and other basic amenities for their families. Most students don’t et enough. They are likely to be victims of home and community violence and child exploitation. Girls also bear a greater negative cost of increase in sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy and early marriage.

Response by Education FOTIS and Education for All

FOTIS ( a Swiss NGO sponsoring Secondary Students) launched a special COVID 19 Emergency Response Fund to support the scholarship students and their families to cope with hunger and lack of basic necessities during lockdown. On May 14th, the 15 sponsored students by FOTIS and another 35 students benefited from this donation.

Education For All organized a second distribution to the 10 remaining scholarships students and also the 27 students of the Vocational Institute on May 22. The teachers of the school and the nurses from the medical dispensary across the school all received a bag of rice.

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