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Project in Malimba (Hamlet in the Koya Chiefdom)

The Malimba village school situation on October 2019.

Malimba clay classrooms The Malimba village is still very isolated and access to the village remains difficult. There are about 350 children in that area and upon our first visit in 2019 there was only space for 150. The school needed a new structure (there were only two clay classrooms for 150 children). There were no teaching/ learning materials, the children had to stand, there were not even desks and benches. In addition, there are 7 villages around this school and these children have no access to education at all due to the lack of infrastructure and school supplies. The villagers begged us to help them because this region is completely forgotten and neglected by the Sierra Leonean government and local authorities. After our first visit, we decided to help this village. Thanks to a local donor, “Education For All in Sierra Leone” organised the construction of a new building. Thanks to the City of Meyrin, the school was equipped with new furniture, school supplies and books for all children.

Construction of a new school building. The construction of the new school building was finished on December 2020. The furniture was ordered and arrived in January 2021.The children of class 1 to 3 will soon occupy the new school.

The children are now in their new school A huge difference for the children!

The village of Malimba still needs another building for the classes 4 , 5 and 6 who are currently having classes outside. There are no toilets for the children and this issue needs urgent attention. Education For All in Sierra Leone is looking for sponsors to build a second school building and toilets for the children.

2021 : Construction of latrines As there were no sanitation facilities yet, we built 4 latrines for the children thanks to the grant we received from the City of Lancy. Construction of a well We also provided access to water by building a well thanks to the NGO “Reboot2 kids “ which financed it. Activities for women Hygiene and family planning courses, financed by UNWG and given by a nurse, are appreciated by the women of this remote village.

2022 A new Primary School for Malimba The children of the Malimba school are squeezed in three small classrooms but thanks to a grant received from the City of Geneva, the communes of Bellevue , Carouge and the management company Capital Group , we will be able to expand the school by adding a new building consisting of five additional classrooms. The construction works have started mid- November 2022. The building is expected to be ready just before the end of the school year. The community is extremely happy and thankful for the construction of the new school building. Activities for women The activities (soap making and weaving workshops) and literacy classes as well as hygiene and family planning courses have started. The nurse is now also assisting the community with medical advice and is bringing medicine to the people of the Community as they do not have any access to medication or to a medical facility.

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