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News from Masantigie in 2021

IT Project Thanks to a donation from the Foundation, Gertrude Hirzel we were able to purchase and send 22 Samsung tablets. The Internet subscription was paid for by the Foundation along with the salary of a professor of technology. Classes started to the delight of the children. The educational apps will enable children to improve their reading, writing and numeracy skills. The teachers will also have the opportunity to train and we hope to offer online training and exchanges with the children. We need a lot more equipment as 22 tablets is not really enough for the number of students we have. Special thanks the NGO “Reboot 2 kids “ who prepared the tablets and installed all the apps.

Vocational Center A group of 26 young people (men and women) have started sewing classes which will last three years. After their graduation at the end of the second year, the students will receive a sewing machine so they can start their own business. In the third year, they will work at home under the supervision of their sewing teacher. This was possible thanks to a grant from the City of Plan-les-Ouates and your support. Activities for women We continue to organize the activities which started in 2021 , The activities and workshops, which are very successful, are carried out by a nurse and trainers.

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