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Education For All is offering workshops and training courses to the women until June 2021

Different workshops and training courses are now offered to women from the villages of Masantigie, Matainke, Masouri and Pa Loko.


Manufacturing of baskets, soap and weaving workshops

These workshops allow women to acquire skills and gain independence. They will gain self-confidence at the end of the training. They will be able to sell the manufactured items and thus improve their financial saturation and start a business activity.


Literacy courses:

These courses are more than necessary since the illiteracy rate is very high in the villages of Masantigie, Massouri, Pa Loko and Matainke. By taking these courses, women become empowered and confident. They acquire the fundamentals of reading and tackle the basic techniques of writing and mathematics. They will use these acquired skills in their business activities.

Hygiene courses:

Lack of hygiene causes diseases such as diarrhea, intestinal parasitosis, skin diseases and trachoma. Better hygiene will help improve the health status of the villagers and thus reduce the mortality rate in the villages which remains high. The courses on promoting personal and family hygiene will enable women to improve their health and that of their families. The women will encourage their family members to respect basic hygiene rules.

Family Planning Course:

The structured family planning program helps women plan their family size and educates them on contraceptive methods. The goal of family planning is to preserve the health of mother and child. The meetings will also allow women to express themselves and share their fears and concerns.

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